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Welcome to my site

This site holds the pictures of our new house

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Front of House

House from Across the Street Top
House from Front Top
Front Lawn From Side Top
Front Yard close -up Top
Walk Way through front yard Top
Front Door Top
Left Garden Bed Top
Right Garden Bed Top

Living Room / Dining Room

Entryway with Coat Closet to the right Top
Fireplace Top
Standing In middle of living room, looking through dining room Top
Chandelier Top
Standing in Dining Room - Looking into Living Room Top
Standing in Dining Room - Looking into Living Room - Another View Top


Kitchen Top
Kitchen Cabinets - with hand made glass doors Top
Kitchen Sink Top
Kitchen Stove Top
Back Wall of Kitchen Top


Top of Cellar Steps (off of Kitchen) Top
Left side of celler Top
Water Heater Top
Furnace Top
Furnace - 2 Top
Sump pump Top


Hallway that leads from front hallway to Kitchen Top
Washer and Dryer - off Hallway, entrance from garage comes in here Top
Downstairs Powder Room Top
Powder Room Light Fixture Top
Powder Room Mirror Top

2nd Floor

Stairs to Second floor (3rd bedroom visible - lime green paint) Top
Master bedroom (from doorway) Top
Master bedroom Closet Top
Master bathroom Top
Office Top
2nd Bathroom Top
2nd Bathroom - 2 Top

Back Yard

Back of House Top
Another view of the back of the house Top
Back of House - side view Top
Side of house (garage) with garden beds visible Top
Raised Deck Top
Greenhouse window (off kitchen) Top
Raised deck with Cypress Shed in background Top
Raised deck with Cypress Shed in background - another view Top
Large Rosemary bush Top
Shaded flat patio Top